Top Luxury Yacht Manufacturer — Majesty 135 Specifications

Experience the luxury of a hotel suite inside the bounds of a yacht cruising the high seas made by one of the top luxury yacht manufacturers. This is the main selling point of the Majesty 135. It will give you the comfort and lush experience given by a sturdy and stylish hotel suite however, the overlooking view of the seas in definitely within reach. Either air conditioned or sea breeze, the air will be as refreshing.

For this FRP vessel’s very specification, the overall length is 41.50 meters. The beam holds the length of 8.10 meters with a draft at 2.10 meters.  This luxury water transportation can hold up to 8,520 US gal. In terms of speed, it has 3 speed levels: 2 x 3,400 horsepower, 2 x 3,000 horsepower, and 2 x 2,600 horsepower.


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