Luxury Yachts Dubai

luxury yachts Dubai

When it comes to luxury yachts Dubai, Majesty can give you the optimized performance and speed you want. Gulf Craft recently unveiled the Majesty 155, which hull design allows for low fuel consumption, long-range capability, and incredible comfort. The 9.60 m beam gives large space inside and allows for an even greater stability.

From the famous superyacht builders in UAE, Majesty 155 is 47 meters in length and a draft of 2 meters. It can hold up to 14,000 US gal of fuel, with a power option of 2 x 1,930 horsepower. The actual ship proves to perform above all expectations. She is easy to handle, stable, and quiet, leaving minimum wakes behind.

Majesty premium yachts feature breathtaking interior designs, particularly in their saloons and lounging areas. Be welcomed with deluxe accommodation and entertainment, from only the premium yachts of Gulf Craft.


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