All About Seascape with the Majesty 155!

Fan of cruising on a superyacht, holding your glass of wine, while watching the sunset?

If you want the best royal cruising experience, there’s only one superb host – the Majesty 155. It’s the striking new addition to the ever-growing Majesty Yachts portfolio. It’s perceived to bring you the ultimate luxury escape!

majesty 155


Let’s talk about superyachts. It is described as a commercially operated luxury vessel, professionally crewed with a loadline length of 24 m and above. While most superyachts are used exclusively by their owners, others are operated all year round in a charter business.

The Majesty 155 is the first displacement superyacht, a breathtaking 47 m vessel that is built in composite by the prestigious shipyard in the Middle East, Gulf Craft. It can surely provide her owners with maximum luxury and comfort.


Many details are to be considered before purchasing a yacht. From the design, speed, type, length and amenities – custom-made yachts are popular for most boat enthusiasts, particularly those made by Majesty Yachts. They build some of the most elegant yachts ever made.

Vessels from Majesty Yachts are built to leading international standards. They are engineered to cater to diverse global tastes in exterior styling and interior design.  Every masterpiece reflects true craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Owners of Majesty Yachts can enjoy luxury that’s meaningful, performance-based sea keeping, and customization without the price premium.

Luxury Yachts in Dubai

Majesty 155 features an unparalleled luxury experience in style, as well as functionality. It is also surrounded by a generous seating area. Imagine a breathtaking waterfall cascading from the rear sundeck into the Jacuzzi found on the upper deck.

The vessel features a stylish and elegant interior. The top-class stateroom is furnished using only the best fabrics and leathers, emphasizing the cabin’s supreme elegance. It also has a dedicated cigar lounge to add an artistic touch.

One remarkable feature of Majesty 155 superyacht is the balcony, which has fantastic panoramic views. Gulf Craft also highlights the vessel’s amazing underwater lights surrounding the base, which illuminates its presence as it sets sail into the open seas.


Still not convinced? It’s also worth mentioning that the guest staterooms of Majesty 155 are finished using the best red and green onyx and botticino royal marble.

If that’s not enough, the lower deck hosts a gorgeous beach club, featuring a pantry, a retractable television, as well as a huge lounging area. Behind the beach club is a large garage. It can store two jet skis and a tender, all easily moved in and out with a crane. It’s truly a keeper!

Majesty 155 was launched earlier in June. The superyacht is said to represent the largest luxury yacht built by Gulf Craft. With all the feature mentioned, it comes to no surprise that many business professionals choose Majesty 155.

Owning Luxury Yachts

People who have tried cruising on a yacht once tend to do it time after time, because of the freedom and accomplishment that they get. Whether it’s needing inspiration for your book or wanting to read in the great outdoors, you can always do it while cruising.

There are no limitations in organizing a yacht party. You can set up a theme and enjoy partying under the stars, especially during the holidays.

So, choose a company that can keep up to the standards of your dream boat. Majesty Yachts is renowned for a number of successful vessels when it comes to the luxury yacht charter market.

With combined style, elegance, and superior performance in their vessels, Majesty Yachts has 1616already gained a base of loyal customers worldwide.

Visit their website at


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