Super Yachts in Dubai

Selecting a cruising boat or yacht is one of the most important decisions in preparing for an offshore voyage. The yacht or boat you choose should be comfortable, safe, well built, and ideally capable of fast passages, for an enjoyable experience.

Gulf Craft makes this possible. Each vessel from their wide range is a manifestation of luxury living at its finest. Their yachts are found in every major harbor of the world, and there are so many to choose from to fit your personality and style.

Majesty Yachts

Picture being on-board a yacht that offers panoramic views to port, state-of-the-art entertainment center, a private bar, and spacious staterooms. It’s a royal cruising experience you’ll never forget. All of that can be found on-board a yacht from Majesty Yachts.

Majesty yacht 155 is the first displacement superyacht, a breathtaking 47 m vessel that is built in composite by the prestigious shipyard in the Middle East. It is a beautiful and striking new addition to the ever-growing Gulf Craft’s portfolio.

Majesty Yachts are built to leading international standards. They cater to diverse global tastes in exterior styling and interior design. Each vessel is engineered with dedication and commitment, and reflects true craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Luxury Yachts in Dubai

More and more people charter a luxury private yacht for their holidays. If you want the most memorable experience at sea, choose Majesty 155 from Majesty Yachts. They combine elegance and high-technology into their vessels. It can offer you a royal cruising experience with superb sea-handling capability.

Visit their website at


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