Defining a Superyacht – The Impressive Majesty 155

Owning a yacht offers unrivaled opportunities for any kind of entertainment.. Cruising along the coast line of any city, whether it is in Bali, Phuket, Dubai, Doha, Cannes, New York, you name it, is the best natural relaxation method. When it comes to spending your time at sea, nothing beats cruising on a superyacht.

What is a superyacht?

Superyachts can be operated in different ways. Some business companies charter it during the summer season in Europe and during the winter season in the Caribbean, while others treat it as their ultimate pleasure asset. Any superyacht is professionally crewed, and has a overall length of 24 m and above.

With the help of the best UAE boat buider, Gulf Craft superyachts provide exceptional comfort and luxury to its guests. It has been traditionally perceived as being the ultimate luxury escape. More so, many business professionals choose Majesty 155.

Impressive Majesty 155

The Majesty 155 is the first displacement superyacht, a breathtaking 47 m vessel that is built in composite by the prestigious shipyard in the United Arab Emirates. It is a beautiful and striking new addition to the ever-growing Gulf Craft’s portfolio.

Majesty 155 can provide her owners and guests with the ultimate luxury and comfort. Imagine a breathtaking waterfall that cascades from the rear sundeck into the Jacuzzi located on the upper deck. It is also surrounded by a generous seating area.

Features of Majesty 155

Majesty 155 features an unparalleled luxury experience in style, as well as functionality. It features a stylish and elegant interior. The top class stateroom is furnished using only the best fabrics and leathers, emphasizing the stateroom’s supreme elegance.

Also found within the owner’s stateroom is a dedicated cigar lounge, which adds an artistic touch to the cabin’s design. Another remarkable feature in the owner’s stateroom is the balcony, which has fantastic panoramic views.

What’s more, the brand new Majesty 155 superyacht highlights their amazing underwater lights. It surrounds the entire base of the vessel, and illuminates its presence as it sets sail into the open seas. This maintains a majestic nighttime stature within its berth.

According to Gulf Craft, the lovely guest staterooms of Majesty 155 are finished using the best red and green onyx and botticino royal marble.  The rear of the lower deck hosts a gorgeous beach club, featuring a pantry, a retractable television, as well as a huge lounging area.

Behind the beach club is the large garage, which stores two jet skis and a tender, all easily moved in and out with a crane. Launched in June this year, the Majesty 155 represents the largest luxury superyacht built by Gulf Craft to date.

Things to Consider

In case you’re planning to buy or charter a yacht, there are some things you have to know. First, find a reliable yacht builder to provide you with an amazing superyacht. Choosing where you want to go is also an early stage question.

Asking your broker about the crew and their style is an important part of the process. Are you looking for an informal, or a highly professional crew dressed in smart uniforms? If you have the best yacht in the world, the crew should be brilliant.

Gulf Craft Superyachts

Whether using fiberglass or metal to build your superyacht, choose a company that can keep up to the standards of your dream boat. Gulf Craft is renowned in many markets and has been serving the marine industry for over three decades.


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