Why Cruise In A Luxury Yacht?

Looking around for luxury yachts for sale?

More and more people in the UAE are buying a luxury private yacht for their holidays. With a rising standard of living, and favourable year-round weather conditions, yachting has become a potential option for the working population.

Choosing Superyachts for Sale

When it comes to sea transportation, nothing is more luxurious than cruising on a yacht. Luxury yachts offer more fun, along with the privacy you need. They are powered by a large engine, so there are no sails to worry about.

Gulf Craft, leading boat builders in the UAE, offers a brand new model in the market for boat enthusiasts. Majesty 110 is the latest semi-custom superyacht model from the company that will take your breath away. It has an overall length of 33.5 metre and is considered one of the smallest tri-decks in the market.

Highlights for Majesty 110

Majesty 110 features generous living areas which includes six guest staterooms. The staterooms have large, panoramic windows that provide excellent views. Materials used for the interior give you a feeling of light and space.

Outside the vessel are spacious living areas spread across the three decks. You can accommodate guests on a ten-person table for al fresco dining. You can lounge on the sun deck, which is partially protected by a hard top.

Majesty 110 also offers a spacious aft garage large enough to store a tender and a jet ski. The bridge deck offers more additional seating. It combines style and elegance with high-technology for a royal cruise experience.

Gulf Craft Luxury Yachts UAE

Yachts from Gulf Craft are equipped their saloons with private bars, entertainment equipment, and leather-upholstered couches. Large windows flood the interiors with natural light, creating an airy and relaxing ambiance.

Majesty Yachts provide exceptional comfort and luxury to its passengers. It has been traditionally perceived as being the ultimate luxury escape. The Majesty 110 is a beautiful and striking new addition to their ever-growing portfolio.

Join the Yachting World

If you’re looking forward to buying your own yacht, trust only the leading boat builders in UAE, Gulf Craft. They have been manufacturing luxury vessels for more than 30 years. For them, luxury is a way of life.

Gulf Craft offers so many yachts and boats to choose from to fit your personality and style. To help you decide, book a visit to Gulf Craft. They are the go-to expert of yacht enthusiasts! To know more about Majesty 110 , visit the website http://www.majesty-yachts.com.


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