Experience the Magic of Luxury Yachts Dubai

Majesty 122Have you ever been in a yacht before to experience your dream holiday? Sadly, not everyone can have the opportunity to experience its magic or own one especially if it’s as luxurious as the superyachts of Dubai. But surely, words will never be enough to describe your feelings – if you happen to holiday even for just a few days inside it.

A Look Inside The Ocean Palaces

It is said that luxury yachts Dubai are palaces on the ocean, jewels of the sea. The quintessential pleasure asset, the power yachts are highly preferred by holidaymakers who has classy ‘taste’ for their winter holiday in the Caribbean as well as summer holiday in Europe.

For your holiday getaway, Gulf Craft, the largest and the best yacht and boat builder in the UAE has created an impressive range of superyachts in the UAE to choose from. Be amazed of the style and elegance of Majesty Yachts with features of high technology deemed to be the epitome of genuine royal cruising.

Take for instance, the Majesty 155 featuring a chic and sophisticated interior including world class stateroom dressed in high quality fabrics and leathers. Its owners and guests will surely get the ultimate comfort and luxury experience. There’s nothing like it in any other watercraft! The extremely elegant designs are created meticulously.

The most delightful part – it has a fabulous waterfall flowing gracefully into the Jacuzzi at the upper deck from the rear sundeck. Guests will love to marvel at its beauty while relaxing in the seating area!

Another popular among the luxury yachts Dubai is the Majesty 122 – well-appointed with entertainment equipment, private bar likewise couches with leather upholstery. Its stateroom is expansive and fitted with en suites. Its full-sized dining room is accented by marble tops.

On top of these, there are trained and professional crew members who look to your every need and they are usually more than the number of guests – can you believe that?

Cruise To The Ultimate Destinations & Do Your Own Thing

The most exciting of all is the cruise itself, especially if you have it all to yourself and your entire family. As you know, these vessels only sail to the ultimate destinations. Plus, you get the chance to explore far-flung and enchanting places as well. Itineraries can be adjusted to suit your preferences for a holiday like if it’s an adventure, a shopping holiday or island-hopping in several countries.

The best part, it’s as if you’re in a world of your own, especially when it’s a private yacht you’re in. There are no noisy and rowdy crowds onboard, your craft will be docked in a secluded small port or an exclusive marina, and above all, you’ll be at the heart of fascinating cities. Once you’d like to get off, you can swim or kayak all you want without having to line up and wait for your turn.

With that said, are you now ready to step into the magical world of luxury yachts Dubai and relish an extraordinary holiday?

Resource: http://goo.gl/nDC71H


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