Tips for Buying a Used Yacht

Looking for luxury boats for sale?

Majesty 70Once ready for some serious boat shopping, you might find yourself asking “should I buy a new boat or a used one?” The decision depends partly upon your budget. However, there are other factors you need to take into account too.

The benefits of buying a new boat include being able to choose the precise specification and warranty protection. But, the value will depreciate in the first few years of ownership. For most people, a used boat is a more sensible choice.

Used Yacht for Sale in UAE

The pros of buying pre-owned boats include lesser purchase cost, cheaper insurance, and it generally comes fully-equipped. With a used boat, you get more boat for fewer dollars. Here are some tips to help you:

Type of boat. Buyers need to choose the length, type or brand of engine, fibreglass or aluminium hull, power, and other specifications. In what body of water will you use the vessel? Tell your broker about what you’re looking for.

Compare prices. Don’t rush. Spend ample time, or about a week, in looking and comparing prices on used boats you’ve listed. This will help you get a feel for the market. See what is selling and what isn’t in your community.

Ask questions. Call the owner or talk to the dealer. Find out the year and make of engine and boat hull. Ask about the boat’s previous destinations, storage conditions, and fixed or existing problems.

Inspect for damage. Look for cracks, flexing, or moisture in the fibreglass above and below the waterline. Check for loose seats and mildew. Upholstery can be replaced, but extensive mould is a bad sign.

Test engine. How does the engine start? Observe for excessive noise, vibration, or smoke. These symptoms may require a costly engine overhaul. Milky oil in the engine or lower unit means that water is getting in.

Go for sea trial. Take it for a test drive to see if you enjoy being on the boat underway. It would be better if you have a survey team, or friends with boat knowledge, to inspect the boat for any mechanical or engineering issues.  

Pre-owned Luxury Yachts for Sale

Gulf Craft offers a wide range of luxury yachts, fishing boats, and multifunctional cruisers for cruising enthusiasts worldwide. Their line of vessels combines advanced hull designs and superior performance.

The leading boat builders of UAE also have pre-owned superyachts for sale. Recently, they listed the lovely motor yacht Majesty 70. It has four magnificent en-suite cabins, featuring an amazing selection of interior furnishing.

While the process of buying one can be complex, it’ll be all worth it once you’re cruising the blue waters and enjoying the sea breeze.

For more luxury boats for sale, visit their website at


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