Gulf Craft – World’s Innovative Builder of Luxury Yachts

Luxury is defined by great comfort and indulgence. It best describes Gulf Craft’s products. Their highly-skilled team of superyacht builders has dedicated their passion and talent in building world-class yachts and the result is obvious in their line of crafts.

Founded in 1982, Gulf Craft started with a small fishing boat in a modest 218,000 square foot facility in Ajman, UAE.  From a local fishing boat builder, Gulf Craft has risen to be one of the world’s recognized luxury yacht builders. The company’s passion to innovation drives them to achieve more than their expectations.

Today, the company prides in its wide variety of premium craft ranging from sport cruisers to the most luxurious yachts. Each creation is carefully designed and built to meet the different requirements of each client.

Majesty Yachts
The Majesty Yachts series is the heart of Gulf Craft’s superyacht design. The brand name itself speaks of how each yacht is designed with quality, craftsmanship, technology and luxury in mind. Each yacht is tailored to each client’s requirements offering flexible options in interior design, material choice and layout. The vessel structure, design and delivery – all guaranteed to be of finest quality.

Oryx Sport Cruisers
In 2005, Gulf Craft launch the Oryx Sport Cruiser for the sports-oriented market. Designed for comfort and luxury, the Oryx Sport Cruiser is an elegant sea-borne equivalent of an elite sports car. Today, the Oryx brand has expanded into a range of high-performance sport yachts and cruisers of various sizes that cater to the international market. The most recent notable advancement is the Oryx 40 Fly, Gulf Craft’s first fly-bridge motor yacht with outboard engines. The Oryx series is popular for excellent performance and outstanding value-for-money.

Silvercraft Fleet
The Silvercraft fleet is Gulf Craft’s brand for fishing boats and family cruisers. Advanced hull designs, superior performance and evolving styles – these are the leading advantages that make Silvercraft a trusted brand for family fishing and cruising.

Gulf Craft
Gulf Craft is a recognized leading fiberglass powerboat builder worldwide. They offer a wide range of superior quality and innovative craft ranging from 27 feet to 155 feet in length. For more information about their products, please visit


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