Majesty 122 Superyacht – A Floating Palace For Luxury Holidaymakers

Yachting gives a different kind of experience. There must be a reason why it is a favorite leisure activity for many holidaymakers. Luxurious yachts are the preferred choice for many opulent yachting lovers. Obviously because the incomparable experience is golden.

Whether it is for pleasure cruising or racing, the type of vessel is indeed an important factor to achieve the desired experience. There are different types of yachts, each type is designed for a specific purpose. The choice should meet the taste and the kind of experience you want to achieve. Here’s one craft that boasts of a true royal cruising enjoyment.

The Majesty 122
The Majesty 122 is a stunning 122 feet (37 meters) raised wheelhouse motor yacht, built by Gulf Craft, a world respected yacht and boat builder based in the Emirates. This elegant superyacht is one of their luxury fly-bridge motor yachts brand. Though, it belongs to the expensive yachts category, the price is well worth as it is the product of combined sophisticated technology and high standards of innovation.

This luxury motor yacht features a striking, state-of-the-art exterior design equipped with a spacious fly-bridge that is accurately in line with the bow area, providing the navigator an alternative open air space to run the vessel. A cozy, open air lounging area is stylishly set in the same area. The fly-bridge area also offers an ample space for sunbathing.

Read the full article here: Majesty 122 Superyacht – A Floating Palace For Luxury Holidaymakers


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