The Majesty Yachts – Gulf Craft’s Superyacht Collection

The challenge of choosing the right yacht can be exciting, but with the hundreds of styles and brands for sale today, finding the best one can also become so confusing. If you have already figured out your needs in a yacht, the wide range of Gulf Craft’s Majesty Yachts collection can give you an idea of which one suits you best.

The Majesty Series
Majesty yachts are Gulf Craft’s brand for best luxury yachts. Just like their other brands, the superyacht collection offers premium quality in every aspect of vessel structure, design and delivery.  Each yacht is custom made with the needs and requirements of each client in mind.  From interior design, material choice to the configuration of the layout, all can be personalized to take in the owner’s wishes.

The Majesty Yachts series offers the best variety of premium craft ranging from 48 feet to 155 feet in length.

Majesty 101
Having a Majesty 101 makes you a Superyacht owner. The smallest of Majesty Superyacht series, Majesty 101 is one of Gulf Craft’s many bespoke models. The owner will have the option to custom the interior layout to suit their lifestyle and personality. Power options are also available to suit the owner’s preferences. This model is built with flawless exterior styling, impeccable interior workmanship and innovative naval engineering – it’s sure to be a head turner in port as you enjoy the view from her spacious fly-bridge.

Majesty 125
Like her sister vessels, the Majesty 125 is also a bespoke tri-deck superyacht. Her distinguishing feature includes a customised central audio-visual and ambiance management to suit her intended use. Whether you’re up for a private or corporate entertainment, Majesty 125 can be the perfect venue for an enjoyable party experience. This tri-deck superyacht can be powered by either two 2,600 hp, 2,011 hp or 1,925 hp engines.

Majesty 155
The biggest of the Majesty Superyacht  collection, Majesty 155 is Gulf Craft’s flagship superyacht. This 47-metre long luxurious yacht is built with the latest in technology using a fiberglass hull which is known for its flexibility and durability. The Majesty 155 is luxuriously designed to represent an elegant, palatial lifestyle. Meticulously handcrafted using the finest materials to suit her owner’s opulent taste.  The Majesty 155 can accommodate 10 guests and 10 crew, it is the perfect vessel for extended vacations and long-distance cruising.


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