Gulf Craft recently announced their flagship 61 metre Majesty 200 at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show

With exterior styling by Frank Mulder, the Majesty 200 will set new standards for Gulf Craft’s Majesty Yachts fleet. The Majesty 200 is ready to be constructed upon order and offering an exceptional degree of owner customisation.

The designs of the  Majesty 200 include an abundant list of remarkable features, including retractable helipads, opulent interiors, beach clubs, and extensive lounging and entertainment areas.

The MAJESTY 200 can accommodate 12 guests and up to 16 crew and is perfect for extended vacations and long-distance cruising.


  • Guests: 12
  • Crew: 16
  • Length: 200ft (61.0m)
  • Vessel Type: Luxury Motor yacht


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