Finding the Right Captain and Crew for Your Yacht

Yachting is a leisure activity that can provide a truly enjoyable life experience with family and friends. It can allow you to get the most of adventure, relaxation and quality time with your loved ones and friends.

Owning a yacht is one of the goals many people aim to achieve. If you are one of those working your way to owning one, it would be wise to give attention to these aspects that many yacht owners have overlooked. Without a plan for how the yacht is going to be cared for and the handling of services you need aboard, even the most luxurious yachts can become insignificant if the perfect crew is not organized to handle all the services desired by both the owner and the guests.

For yacht owners with past boating experience, most of them are comfortable navigating their own watercrafts on day and weekend trips with no assistance at all, while the family does the housekeeping and cooking onboard. The maintenance and upkeep is usually entrusted to a boat detailing company.  This is a common practice of yacht owners that has some space for their watercraft behind their own place.

However, for new luxury yacht owners, it is not a common case.  Without some experience, it is impossible to navigate the yacht. Without a proper staff that handles the essential services aboard, your otherwise luxurious weekend trip could end up a headache. In this case, finding an experienced captain and a set of professional staff that can provide excellent service would be a wise solution.

The number of crew will largely depend on the size of your yacht and the services you require. A top superyacht owner that prefers long days of cruises and requires a ton of services for fishing, diving and socializing with friends aboard, you would need a captain who will navigate the yacht, a mate who will assist in rigging, docking, maintenance as well as in the day to day chores. You may also need to hire a stewardess or a cook who will assist in food and beverage service as well as in meals preparation service.

Gulf Craft
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