What to Expect in a Boat Show?

A boat show showcases the latest boat models and luxury yacht brands that are due to be released on the market. This prestigious event also shows superyachts, concept vessels and collectible classics. There are different international boat shows that are being held once a year. A boat show typically lasts up to one week and usually attended by ship and boat builders, yachtsmen as well as marine manufacturers.

To ensure visitors of an exciting experience, other related events and exhibits are featured throughout the duration of the show including live entertainment and competitions, stunts at the beach, watersports exhibit as well as different cuisines.

Boat show events usually feature a retail village where visitors can get an update of the nautical fashion for the year. Fishing and sailing trips are typically offered for free. A marine display which showcases the world’s latest luxury boats and luxury yacht collection is considered the highlight of the event. An array of various marine related luxury brands is also at show.

A boat show is a perfect place to spot your next boat if you’re planning to buy one. The event provides you a chance to see for yourself, get a first-hand experience with a test drive and compare different boat brands. Buying a ticket would be worth the real deal you’re looking to get. It is also a great chance for you to discuss with manufactures, boat specialists and dealers, they can give you a comprehensive information about their brand and models.

The event will also give you the opportunity to talk with different brand representatives. There is a lot of information to consider from different brands and models, and you get them right from the people who knows their product better.

This year’s Dubai International Boat Show 2017 is all set on February 28th to March 4th 2017. DIBS 2017 will showcase the finest collection of superyachts and leisure craft from across the globe.

Gulf Craft
Gulf Craft is a world-renowned manufacturer of luxury yachts and leisure boats since 1982. This multi-awarded company was recently named “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder at the Asian Boating Awards 2016”. Gulf Craft has some of the best luxury boats for sale in the world.

If you need expert help with finding a yacht that suits your requirements, you may book a visit to one of Gulf Craft’s shipyards. This company has shipyards and international service centers in the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives. For more information, please visit https://www.gulfcraftinc.com or  http://www.majesty-yachts.com.


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