Customizing a Yacht

Owning a boat, yacht or luxury yachts is more common now than one or two decades ago. The current financial situation is leaving a lot of private investors looking at alternative investment opportunities. Over and above reviewing their portfolio and engaging in purchasing antiques, valuable watches or vintage wine or cars, more and more people are discovering the yachting market. A modern sailing yacht like the A, which is 143 m long and approximately 100m or 330 ft in height or the personal yacht Azzam with 180.61 meter or 592’7’’ will be one off’s, revered for a very small and selected clientele.

Much more common are yachts from 14 meters onwards. The interesting aspect of such yachts is the fact that they can be completely personalized. From the outside appearance and color combination to the design of the decks and the yachts interior, every bit of these yachts is customizable.  

The path of owning a yacht starts with the selection of the cabins required. The number of cabins required determines often the length and size of the yacht. Once the cabin requirement is determined, the size of the yacht needed is known. The yacht manufacturer will know which of the yachts in their product portfolio will be best suited. After selecting the yacht model the personalization begins.

Luxury yachts in Dubai are usually white in color. However, that is not the only color available. Motives can also be part of the outside appearance. Combinations of different colors with matching motives are not uncommon. The decks are usually made of wood, as wood will not heat up in the sun like other material. The selection of on-deck features, like a Jacuzzi or space for one or two jet skis, will be followed by the selection of the engine, navigation and communication equipment. The manufacturer will assist with these decisions based on their vast experience personalizing yachts for their clientele.

The more involving decisions are being made with the design of the interior of a yacht. Here the involvement of an experienced yacht interior decorator is often required and requested. A lot of yacht interiors follow a particular design direction. The focus of each interior is based on the owner’s design ideas. These ideas are followed in detail with every yacht produced. The entire personalization of a super yacht Dubai has to be in balance between the features of the exterior design and the interior design chosen.


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