Tips for a Boat/Yacht Dealer Search

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Tips for a Boat Dealer Search

The decision to buy a boat or yacht is not an easy one; especially if it is the first time a boat or yacht is being purchased. The selection of which kind of yacht is the first step. Once the yacht size, number of cabins and the use is known or narrowed down, the next step is to find the right manufacturer. If no friend with yachting knowledge or experience is at hand, a visit to the local marina or marinas is a good start. Any marina in the world will harbor a variety of different boats and yachts. Here the first glance at possible yachts, which fit the preselected features, will be made. On the other hand, boat shows are very good event to get a first look at potential yachts.

Furthermore, boat shows are the best possible venue to see a variety of yachts on display and compare each boat with its competitors. Each exhibitor will have ample qualified staff at hand to point out the advantages of their yachts and boats. Majority of the manufacturers will have their local dealer or representative present during the show. The visit would serve two purposes, to the see the preselected yacht as well as to look at possible competitive options and get in touch with the manufacturer or the local dealer.

Unfortunately boat shows are not held every week. If in case a boat show is not happening in your town anytime soon, the initial visit to a marina should be followed by a visit to the website of the respective manufacturer.

If no manufacturer was chosen, a simple search for yacht Dubai, luxury yachts or super yachts for sale will show ample results. Every serious yacht manufacturer will have a proper website where all models produced can be seen. Together with the models, manufacturers’ appointed or approved dealers should be listed on the website as well. Should no dealer be available in your country, the manufacturer should be contacted directly. The response time of good yacht manufacturer to inquiries through any Internet medium should be two to maximum three days. Online brochures could be requested together with more information of where the chosen yacht could be visited.

Yachts should only be bought either straight from the manufacturer or the appointed dealer. A dealer which claims to act on behalf of the manufacturer but is not listed in the manufacturers’ brochure or website should not necessarily be trusted. Should the dealer in question not be found, a quick call to the manufacturer would also be an option to make sure that the correct contacts are made. Thus, choosing the right boat or yacht manufacturer is highly important.

Gulf Craft

Gulf Craft is a world-renowned manufacturer of luxury yachts and leisure boats since 1982. If you need expert help with finding a yacht that suits your requirements, you may book a visit to one of Gulf Craft’s shipyards. This company has shipyards and international service centers in the Emirates and the Maldives. For more information, please visit


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