How Brokers Help Yacht Buyers

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Yacht brokers specialize in selling a wide range of vessels — from fishing boats to luxury boats for sale. They serve as representatives for the sale or purchase of a boat or yacht. For a “buyer’s point of view”, brokers can assist them in locating, qualifying, and purchasing the boat that can best meet their need. Like in any industry, yacht brokers are paid based on an agreed commission.

Yacht brokers are especially helpful when buying large boats. Dealing with a broker can help reduce stress and make the buying process go smooth and painless. Here are other reasons on how a yacht broker can help you with your buying needs.

  • Find the best deal without wasting time and money

Many yacht buyers waste their time and money searching for the boat they like, may it be thru online searching or by traveling to personally visit yachts. Being professional and well knowledgeable in the yacht industry, brokers know every place to look for yachts or boats and make the negotiation process much easier and faster.

  • Provides the best advice possible

With their wide array of network, brokers can provide a list luxury boats for sale of any type allowing buyers to see and understand the big picture in order to choose the best to buy. Compare to a private individual conducting the transaction, yacht brokers know how to lower the purchase price even further.

  • Provide a complete logistic assistance

The buying process does not end after choosing a boat and negotiating for its best price, it’s only the start of a many paper works to accomplish. These may include customs duty paperwork, domestic registration, sales tax return preparation, if required and other closing documents.

A buyer’s broker assists in all closing administrations and also in financing if needed. Brokers ensure that the whole transaction is well-processed and free of stress to the buyer.

  • Maintenance

An effective maintenance program is an important aspect; it’s something that cannot be overlooked — especially if you’re buying more expensive yachts.

With their experience in local water, yacht brokers can help you connect with yacht maintenance or repair specialists and refer you to different courses such as boat handling, sailing, and seamanship to better develop your boating skills.

If you’re looking for the best yachts in Dubai, Majesty Yachts (a Gulf Craft brand) has a wide array of iconic luxury yachts for sale. Together with your broker, you can check their yacht collection here:


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