Tips for a Boat/Yacht Dealer Search

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Tips for a Boat Dealer Search

The decision to buy a boat or yacht is not an easy one; especially if it is the first time a boat or yacht is being purchased. The selection of which kind of yacht is the first step. Once the yacht size, number of cabins and the use is known or narrowed down, the next step is to find the right manufacturer. If no friend with yachting knowledge or experience is at hand, a visit to the local marina or marinas is a good start. Any marina in the world will harbor a variety of different boats and yachts. Here the first glance at possible yachts, which fit the preselected features, will be made. On the other hand, boat shows are very good event to get a first look at potential yachts.

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Customizing a Yacht

Owning a boat, yacht or luxury yachts is more common now than one or two decades ago. The current financial situation is leaving a lot of private investors looking at alternative investment opportunities. Over and above reviewing their portfolio and engaging in purchasing antiques, valuable watches or vintage wine or cars, more and more people are discovering the yachting market. A modern sailing yacht like the A, which is 143 m long and approximately 100m or 330 ft in height or the personal yacht Azzam with 180.61 meter or 592’7’’ will be one off’s, revered for a very small and selected clientele.

Much more common are yachts from 14 meters onwards. The interesting aspect of such yachts is the fact that they can be completely personalized. From the outside appearance and color combination to the design of the decks and the yachts interior, every bit of these yachts is customizable.   Continue reading

The Mediterranean Sea – home of the best luxury yachts

The Mediterranean Sea covers an approximate area of 2.5 million square kilometers (965,000 square miles). It is connected to the Atlantic through the strait of Gibraltar, which is only 14 km (8.7 mi) wide. The Strait of Gibraltar is a narrow strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and separates Gibraltar and Spain in Europe from Morocco in Africa.

Several ancient civilizations were located around the Mediterranean shores. They were greatly influenced by their proximity to the sea. It provided routes for trade, colonization & war, as well as food (from fishing and the gathering of other seafood) for numerous communities throughout the ages. Due to the shared climate, geology, and access to the sea, cultures centered on the Mediterranean tended to have some extent of intertwined culture and history. Two of the most notable Mediterranean civilizations in classic antiquity were the Hellenic City States like Sparta and Athens and the Phoenicians, both of which extensively colonized the coastlines of the Mediterranean. The Romans who dominated the entire Mediterranean Sea for centuries called it Mare Nostrum, “our Sea”. Continue reading

Gulf Craft’s First Semi-Convertible Fly-Bridge Superyacht

 Majesty 100

Gulf Craft’s all-new superyacht, the Majesty 100, is proving to be a head turner at the Dubai International Boat Show, where the award-winning builder’s latest masterpiece made its global debut.

Characterized by her unrivalled use of onboard space and innovative design, the Majesty 100 offers owners a seamless luxury cruising experience. From a unique semi-convertible fly-bridge – Gulf Craft’s first – and a powerful but efficient propulsion system, to lavish interiors and copious lounging areas, the superyacht’s unreserved magnificence can be seen throughout her generous 32-meter length.

Finding the Right Captain and Crew for Your Yacht

Yachting is a leisure activity that can provide a truly enjoyable life experience with family and friends. It can allow you to get the most of adventure, relaxation and quality time with your loved ones and friends.

Owning a yacht is one of the goals many people aim to achieve. If you are one of those working your way to owning one, it would be wise to give attention to these aspects that many yacht owners have overlooked. Without a plan for how the yacht is going to be cared for and the handling of services you need aboard, even the most luxurious yachts can become insignificant if the perfect crew is not organized to handle all the services desired by both the owner and the guests. Continue reading

Should You Consider Buying a Yacht with a Partner?

The purchase of a yacht can be accomplished in varied ways. Buying with a partner is one way. Sharing of yacht ownership is an easy option for buyers looking to own luxury yachts with a smaller personal investment. Although it can work well in some partnerships, it may not always be the case for others.

There are advantages and disadvantages in sharing ownership of leisure watercrafts. It is wise to keep in mind that in buying a yacht, luxury on the waters is one of the major reasons, which most buyers seek to experience. There are individuals who are very particular about their yacht, they want to apply their own luxurious taste in every part and they want to be in charge.  In short, they want it personalised to suit their taste and needs. In this case, shared ownership may not work well.

In some cases, joint ownership of a yacht works well provided both parties commit to a sharing agreement.

Ownership agreement
Setting a specific percentage share of ownership between partners should be defined first. It is an essential basis for establishing costs for the major aspects such as repairs, maintenance, scheduling and taxes, among others.

Yacht style
Owners should be involved in determining the model, size, price and purpose of the purchase. It should be a vessel that all parties can handle and enjoy.

The purchase of luxury boats involves serious financial commitment. In a joint ownership, the need to discuss financial obligations should be one of the top priorities in making an agreement. Whether it is a new or used boat, maintenance is always a requirement to keep the yacht running it perfect condition and this can add up to the costs. Other related areas of concern would be insurance, damages, storage, schedule and other incidental costs.

Gulf Craft
Gulf Craft is a world-renowned yacht and boat builder since 1982. They have been building top luxury yachts for the Middle Eastern and European millionaires. If you’re a first-time buyer and need help with finding the perfect yacht, you can book a visit to one of Gulf Craft’s shipyards. For more information, please visit


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