Majesty 100, a grand dip into luxury

Gulf Craft’s award-winning Majesty 100 superyacht has been extremely well-received by yachting enthusiasts worldwide. Visitors are most impressed with its innovative design and unique combination of features since its launch at the 2017 Dubai International Boat Show.

Majesty 100, a grand dip into luxury


Majesty Yachts: Difference between the Majesty 48 and 135

When Majesty Yachts was first launched by Gulf Craft  in 2003, the goal was to develop the company’s first full line-up of luxury yachts. Fourteen years later, it has become the go-to name when it comes to superyachts. Here is a quick look at the current yacht collection the company has:

  • Superyachts Collection

Under the Superyachts collection, there are seven luxury yachts including the Majesty 155, Majesty 135, Majesty 125, Majesty 122, Majesty 110, Majesty 105, and the Majesty 100.

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Test Driving a Yacht: Things to Ask

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When buying a car, there are several factors that need to be considered like the type, cost, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics. A buyer also needs to check if the car feels ‘right’ while driving – so it is important to take it out for a test drive. The same thing applies when it comes to purchasing boats or yachts. If you are looking for a yacht in Dubai, for example, you need to take it out for a test drive.

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Helpful Fuel Saving Tips for your Yacht

Be it one of those economical sailboats or luxury yachts that you own, the number one thing that you should learn as a sailor is how to save on fuel. Boat maintenance by itself may already be too much of an expense, so you don’t want to spend any more than is necessary on fuelling one of your many sea outings. So how exactly can this be done? Check out this list of some helpful fuel saving tips that you can use:

  • Get rid of all the extras weighing down your boat.

Similar to cars, an extra-heavy boat will require more fuel to run. Although it pays to be prepared in case of emergencies or extended cruises, there’s also such a thing as carrying too much unwanted items on board. Inspect all the storage spaces on your boat. Get rid of those heavy books about cruising, keep your stock canned goods to a minimum, and make sure that you only have the recommended one tackle box, spare parts, ropes, and tools. Don’t weigh the boat down with sports equipment, cookware, fancy deck chairs or heavy fishing gear if you know that you won’t need them. Continue reading

The Best Places in Dubai for Cruising

What better way is there to test out that newly acquired boat than to take it out on a cruise? The Emirate of Dubai has plenty of gorgeous locations to explore, whether for a quick sea outing or an extended vacation.

There are many superyachts for sale and other luxury boats, giving berth at any one of Dubai’s marinas. All marinas in Dubai are easily accessible and some of them are located in the centre of well-known tourist or recreational areas of Dubai. Here you can also rent a yacht and enjoy the many attractions without leaving the tastefully arranged yacht interior. Continue reading

Costs to Expect as a Super Yacht Owner

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From the early days of fishing and pearl diving, the United Arab Emirates lifestyle has prospered around its pristine waters. With the developing standard of living in the country and the favorable year-round weather conditions, yachting became an ideal option for those seeking for luxury. But, who can afford super yachts and how much does super yachts cost in the UAE? It is not necessary to be a millionaire to own a yacht, however, several types of yachts, which cost of owning may extend beyond its price. According to research, it has been estimated that a super yacht owner should expect to pay around 10% of a yacht’s purchase price annually to keep it running.

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Rough Water Cruising Guidelines

Cruising in luxury yachts such as superyachts and luxury motor yachts can be the most rewarding experience you could ever have but sometimes you simply can’t avoid bad weather.

Not everyone is a fan of rough water or heavy weather, but seafarers have accepted the fact that these cases are just part of the game if they want to get to their favorite spot or destination. The experience is truly terrifying, but with proper preparation, a little experience and knowledge of handling rough water, you will surely learn how to deal with the situation.

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The Life Expectancy of a Marine Engine

Marine Engine Life ExpectancyMarine engine lifespan is a frequent question mostly from potential yacht buyers. While many would answer “it all depends”, the general rule is that more horsepower results in less engine life. Marine engines don’t easily wear out, but a vast majority of engine damage is due to a neglected engine component which eventually causes more significant problems.

A well-maintained marine engine under the best condition may run for 1,500 hours. An average gasoline engine can last 5,000 hours, while diesel engines can often deliver 8,000 hours of hard work before requiring major repairs. Primarily, diesel engines are built for finer machine work and run under higher pressure than gasoline engines. If well maintained, an 8,000-hour diesel engine can last for 40 years since an average yacht log is only 200 hours per year. Continue reading

Buying Useful Things For Your Superyacht

Buying Useful Things for Your Sueryacht, superyacht for sale in Dubai

Having a superyacht is like having your own house. There is this significant emotion of wanting it to be comfortable and beautiful, you want it to be perfect just how you imagine it to be. The good news is, part of the fun of having a gorgeous and perfectly poised superyacht is the fact that you can personalize and tailor the yacht interior according to your taste and preferences.
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